All services we provide are executed expertly and efficiently.

Moving a historic structure

Our Buckingham Power Dolly System is the way to move with the least amount of stress to your building.

Structure Moving »
Lifting an oceanside house

Our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System is the latest and best technology for lifting houses and buildings.

Structure Lifting »
Rigging and hauling a reefer rack

Rigging & Hauling

Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment meet the most demanding needs for rigging and heavy transport.

Rigging & Hauling »
Beams support and shore a structure

Supporting & Shoring

Supporting a house at its existing elevation, instead of lifting it, can be the smart option in some situations.

Supporting & Shoring »
Excavating under a house for a basement


When your foundation needs to be replaced, we will excavate under the supported building for your new basement.

Under-Excavation »
roof lifting

Roof Lifting

We have been lifting roofs of all types for decades, creating more headroom and adding upper floors.

Roof Lifting »