Moving House Out of Floodwaters’ Reach in Berks County, PA — January 15 2014


You want to move your dishes and living room furniture, you call Mayflower.

You want to move your whole house — or school or train station or museum — you call Wolfe House & Building Movers.

The Berks County company comes to Lancaster County half a dozen times a year to perform the service, a jaw-dropping process that invariably attracts crowds that marvel at the strange sight of a building slowly gliding over the ground to a new location.

Last week, the company moved an Elizabeth Township house out of floodwaters’ reach. In July, Wolfe moved an 1800s brick farmhouse 300 feet along Willow Street Pike. A year ago, it moved a 200-year-old former tavern back from a road in West Donegal Township.

Lancaster Online reported on this story.

Photo credit: Blaine T. Shahan | Article exerpt credit: Cindy Stauffer/Lancaster Online