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Lift and Excavate Project

Atlanta, GA / June 2009


Atlanta, GA / June 2009

The owners of this beautiful house in Atlanta, Georgia knew that if they added a full basement under their home, they would add 3,200 square feet to their home. They called in Wolfe House & Building Movers to complete the project without a hitch. We first lifted their 53′ x 61′ two-story frame house to provide the clearance for the excavation work that needed to be performed. Once the house was raised, we then carefully removed the existing foundation and excavated additional earth to create a new concrete floor and foundation walls and an 11′ finished basement—plenty of headroom! Most homeowners we have worked with have been surprised to learn how affordable our under-excavation services can be, given the increase and improvement in living space that is the outcome.


Lifted 2'

Excavated for an 11' basement