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Model Train Set, Farmington, PA

Farmington, PA / October 2008

Rigging/Heavy Hauling

Farmington, PA / October 2008

In October of 2008, we moved a 22′ x 50′ model train set from Mill Run, PA to the Nemacolin Woods Resort in Farmington, PA, a distance of 22.5 miles.

The route included a number of narrow bridges with railings less than 20 feet apart. The hydraulic cylinders in the moving dollies allowed the load to be transported at an overall height of 12′ 5″ and then be lifted up to clear the railings on the bridge. At the new location, we drove the set through a hole in the wall, right into the entertainment center for the resort.

The use of steerable dollies underneath the rear of the load allowed an extreme amount of maneuverability at the destination site.


22.5 mile trip

22' x 50' model train set

Crossed 20-foot wide bridge