Three Mile Stud Frame House Move

Bicknell, IN / November 2007

House & Building Moving

Bicknell, IN / November 2007

In October, 2007, Wolfe House and Building Movers took this 35′ x 81′ stud frame house and were successful in moving the building approximately three miles to its new location. The house movers got a great review from the owners, in their own words: To whom it may concern: We recently hired Andrew Heck and Wolfe House Movers of Indiana, LLC. We purchased a 3400 square foot home that had to be moved. Wolfe House Movers of Indiana, LLC moved our home approximately three miles through two pastures, an alfalfa field and a corn field. The only problem we ran into was soft fields. Andrew made one phone call and in less than 24 hours has a load of steel plates to run the house across. Everything went much easier that we ever expected. We expected minor damage, but were surprised to find only a few small cracks in the drywall, mostly in the seams. Their equipment was state of the art and the men that worked with Mr. Heck were professional and efficient. We were amazed that their equipment was self-propelled and that they did not have to pull our home with heavy equipment. I have attached some pictures for your viewing. We highly recommend Wolfe House Movers of Indiana, LLC. They did a wonderful job. Sincerely, Jim & Mindy Dillon


Moved 3 miles

3400 sf home

Moved through soft pastures