Transformer Relocation

Sandusky, OH / September 2017

Rigging/Heavy Hauling

Sandusky, OH / September 2017

Wolfe was contracted to move this 157,600 lb transformer from its location as a spare in one substation to a new substation 10 miles away where it will be put into use. With the Dual-Lane Beam & Dolly System, Wolfe was able to carry the transformer only 16″ above the road and keep the load under most of the wires and under the overpass in the route. Once at the new substation, the transformer was driven right over the slab foundation and lowered onto dunnage with the hydraulic cylinders of the Dollies. Then, once the trailer was disassembled from around the transformer, it could be lifted slightly with hydraulic jacks, the dunnage removed and the unit lowered onto the slab foundation. This negated the need for a crane and saved time over using a Jack & Slide System as well.

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157,600 lbs

Carried Only 16" Above The Road

Set Without Crane or Jack & Slide