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Wertz Ice Cream Building

Wernersville, PA / September 2007

House & Building Moving

Wernersville, PA / September 2007

The Wertz Ice Cream Building Moved a block down Main St. in Wernersville. This building was one of the tastier structures that we have moved. In September of 2007 we moved this from an out-of-the-way location, 1/4 mile to the new location on a main thoroughfare. We moved the fiberglass structure and the concrete slab floor together including all of the ice cream making equipment inside the building. The “ice cream” top was removed for the move so as to fit under the utility wires along the route and then replaced once it arrived at the new site. The cone now sits along SR 422 in Wernersville, PA and seems to always have people lined up in front.


Fiberglass structure with Concrete Slab Floor

Moved 1/4 mile to the new location along SR 422