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Zimmerman Bros Roof Lift

Trappe, PA / December 2015

Roof Lifting

Trappe, PA / December 2015

Advance Auto Parts identified Trappe, PA as an ideal place to add a location in the Philadelphia suburbs, and they opted to go the route of creative reuse of an existing building because of its excellent location. One of the main obstacles was that the ceiling height wasn’t great enough to serve their needs—a problem that Wolfe House & Building Movers knows exactly how to solve. We lifted the 6,700 square foot roof on the brick building. By elevating the steel trussed roof, we provided the store with an additional 4 feet of extra head room. When the masons were done laying additional rows of brick, you’d never know that this modernized building had ever been shorter.


Lifted 4 ft.

6,700 sf Roof