Fischer Residence, Newmanstown, PA – brick house move — June 23 2011

Fischer Residence, brick house move supported and raised on dolly.

November 27, 2002

To Whom It May Concern,

During the fall of year 2002 I engaged the Verling Wolfe Moving Company (the “Company”) to lift and move my house. The house was a triple brick 2-1/2 story structure originally constructed during the 1800’s. The house is 36′ 4″ wide by 33′ deep and it was estimated by Mr. Wolfe to weigh between 400 and 450 tons.

The Company jacked the house 12′ feet straight up and then moved the house back approximately 35′ feet while also moving sideways approximately 7 feet. The Company spent approximately 1 week to prepare the house for the move which included lifting the house the 12 feet and then pulled off the site while others built the new foundation for the house. They then returned and spent approximately 2-1/2 days to pull their steel beams and pull off the site.

The main principals on the job were Mark Buckingham, Dan Buckingham and Jamin Buckingham along with two helpers. I found them to be very serious and diligent in performing their job (which I greatly appreciated when seeing my house sitting 12′ feet in the air). The site presented difficulties as it was bounded on each side by close physical obstructions making for a tight working area. I was amazed with how well the Company worked with these difficult conditions.

It was readily apparent that the workmen knew their work well, enjoyed their work and completed their work in a timely fashion. I am pleased to write this letter of referral based upon the work done on my house and would be happy also to speak to others by telephone.



Randall M. Fischer

1 N. Fort Zellers Rd

Newmanstown, PA 17073