Page Residence, West Chester, PA – stone house move — June 23 2011

To: Prospective Clients of Verling Wolfe

Date: June 28, 2002

Ref: Recommendation


I am pleased to recommend Verling Wolfe as a very competent structure mover. We have had a 600-ton stone home moved by them. The house needed turning 180 degrees before moving 350 feet to its new location.

The house was located precisely where it was intended.

Mark Buckingham led a professional team that was clearly very competent in this specialized area. They met deadlines. The co-operated in preserving several trees that were in the moving area. Mark coordinated their schedule very effectively with other contractors involved at the site.

I would be willing to discuss our experience in more detail. It has been a remarkable project with which we are very pleased!




David W. Page

Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.