SEPTA Historic Strafford Station, Wayne, PA – frame depot move — April 27 2011

Historic Strafford Station raised on wooden supports.

28 February 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: SEPTA Historic Strafford Station
Reference for Verling H. Wolfe & Company

Dear Sir:
Verling H. Wolfe & Company were subcontracted to move SEPTA Historic Station and its Outbound Shelter, both substantial heavy timber construction adjustment parking lots. This work was carried out to facilitate the restoration of these historic buildings. Verling H. Wolfe & Company also moved the building back into their original location after the restoration was complete.

Mr. Mark Buckingham and his associates demonstrated their skills in a diligent and professional manner, showing great respect for the fabric of these historic buildings. DPK&A witnessed the operation were impressed by Mr. Buckingham’s coordination and Skill.

Please call if you have any question.

Yours truly,
Clive Cooping RIBA

cc: Carl Doebley, DPK&A

Note: Wolfe House & Building Movers was contracted to take part in restoring the historic Strafford train station by moving it 50 feet during the platform work. This project was awarded the 2002 Outstanding Preservation Project Award by the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.