Concrete Building Moving Expertise

In addition to lifting and relocating homes, at Wolfe House & Building Movers we are also called upon for the service of concrete building moving.

Moving large concrete buildings is no easy task. It requires specialized heavy equipment, a staff with specialized engineering skills, and building movers with the experience to avoid major damage to your concrete building. Small cracks are often unavoidable during a building move. But when great care coincides with years of concrete building moving experience, avoiding significant damage is possible.

Moving a concrete building

Wolfe House & Building Movers and our crew of expert building movers have been moving concrete buildings, historic landmarks, brick, wood, and stone structures (to name a few) for close to 40 years. We are committed to using the most modern building moving equipment available.

The Buckingham Power Dollies and the Buckingham Toe Jacks that we use allow us to keep the structure completely level. Our dollies and jacks provide a completely uniform lift that minimizes, or in some cases completely eliminates, stress fractures that are common when less precise methods are used.

“Wolfe came to Connecticut with truckloads of heavy equipment and five of the most stoic guys we had ever met. It was all truly amazing to watch, handled incredibly professionally, and well done.”
— Stuart Malter, Westport, Connecticut

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