Wolfe House Movers’ roof lifting services are an innovative, cost-effective solution to your need for additional clear height and cubic footage in your warehouses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

We Lift Your Roof Efficiently and Safely

Building owners across the country are choosing roof raising as a fast, affordable way to add clear height and double or triple the cubic space of their building. This process saves time, money, and has a built-in sustainability aspect, as it minimizes new materials and sends minimal demolition debris to the landfill. Our decades of experience and hydraulic roof lifting system enables us to safely lift the roof of any size of building.

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"Wolfe was absolutely amazing. They helped us lift our 65-year-old hotel ten feet in the air to build a new foundation, and gave the entire project a new lease on life. Couldn't be happier with them."

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Why Lift a Roof?

Adding space through new construction is costly. Zoning regulations, new taxes, and finding land to build on takes time and money. Demolishing and rebuilding a roof is also expensive and sends many truckloads of debris to the ­­landfill. Relocating to a larger space is inconvenient, and costs add up quickly.

There is another option.

You can increase the cubic footage within the existing footprint of your building by raising the roof. Whether you would like an additional foot or a few stories, roof raising gives you the clear height expansion your building needs. It is a common solution for commercial buildings, especially older warehouses with low ceiling height. By raising the roof, you double or triple the size and usable storage space in your facility in a safe manner that reduces downtime and spares the waste that demolition and new construction would entail.

Benefits of Raising Your Roof

If you’re thinking of raising your property’s roof, here are some benefits to consider:

  • It maximizes your building’s functional space without increasing its footprint on the property
  • It allows you to quickly modernize an outdated building with additional ceiling space
  • You avoid the taxes that can accompany new construction
  • Raising a roof does not require significant demolition, which minimizes costs and disruption
  • Go green by reusing your existing roof and just extending the walls and columns
  • It brings you increased marketability of your commercial space, leading to better paying tenants

How Do You Lift a Roof?

Raising a roof smoothly requires the right equipment and expertise, and Wolfe brings both to your project. We use the Buckingham Unified Hydraulic Jacking System combined with jacking towers. Our proprietary SmartJack™ program synchronizes multiple jack machines together to extend the roof jacks at the same rate, regardless of weight variations across the jacks or the square footage of the roof. This process facilitates lifting your roof evenly and avoids placing unnecessary stress on its structure.

The jacking towers are placed beside each existing column, lagged to the concrete floor, and clamped to the girder above. The hydraulic jacks in the towers are connected to the unified jack machines and the lift is synchronized with the SmartJack™ program. When we have raised the roof to the desired height, we use cable tie-downs to protect against wind lift while a local contractor extends the walls and columns. When the extended walls and columns are in place, we use the same unified jacking system to lower the roof.

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

This is usually one of the first questions we receive. The cost depends primarily on two things:

  • The size and shape of the roof
  • How high we are lifting the roof

It is usually less expensive to lift a roof to increase a building’s space than through other methods of expanding a building. Please contact us so we can gather the information specific to your project, and we’ll create a detailed, custom estimate for you.

Serving the Continental USA

We serve most states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa and Missouri. We also serve the west coast, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Our moving services for historic restoration/preservation and large masonry structure projects are available nationwide.

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