Roof Lifting

Add more space or another story to your home or business.

The Why, How, and Cost of a Roof Lifting Project

Relocating your home or business is costly.

But if you’re just looking to add square footage, roof lifting could be a more cost-effective choice for you.

Roof lifting projectThis 33,300 sq. ft. roof was lifted from 15′ to 24′ above the floor to create extra space.

Why Lift a Roof?

Adding space through new construction is costly. Zoning regulations, new taxes, and finding land to build on takes time and money. Relocating to a larger home or building is another option, but again, costs can add up quickly. If you’re considered raising your property’s roof, here are some benefits you might want to consider:

  • Maximize your home or business’s capacity without increasing its footprint on the property
  • Quickly modernize an outdated warehouse, office, or home with additional height space
  • Avoid paying more taxes that accompany new construction
  • Raising a roof does not require significant demolition, which minimizes costs and disruption

How Do You Lift a Roof?

Raising a roof smoothly requires the right equipment and expertise. At Wolfe, we have both. We use a state-of-the-art Unified Jacking Machine that lifts the roof evenly and avoids placing unnecessary stress to its structure. A roof can be lifted 1 inch up to several stories.

‘How Much Is This Going To Cost?’

This is usually one of the first questions we receive. The cost really depends on two things:

  • The size and shape of the roof
  • How high the roof is being lifted

It is usually less expensive to lift a roof to increase a building’s space than through other methods. We encourage you to contact us so we may gather more information and create a detailed, custom estimate for you.

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