About Us

Experience To Handle Any Structural Moving Project

Each project poses its own challenges and obstacles to overcome. Structural issues, route planning, clearance problems and procedural decisions all come into play. You need an experienced mover on your side.


How We Started

Originating in 1970, the company recognized the need for a departure from the standard structure lifting and moving concepts then in place to newer, state-of-the-art methods, incorporating the latest engineering developments for the house moving industry.

wolfe-about-usMoving and lifting technology has always mattered to us. That’s why we designed our own moving and lifting equipment to make projects safer and more efficient.

What We Have Been Doing

The team at Wolfe has gained experience the old-fashioned way — by successfully completing thousands of moves and lifts. Relying on the latest developments in structural engineering and moving, we’ve become a leader in structural moving projects all along the eastern coast and midwest.

In the last 49 years, we have moved museums, libraries, churches and homes of all sizes, including mansions, beachfront homes, cabins, and mobile homes.

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Nancy Jones House, Cary, NC

Biltmore Hotel, Bellair, FL

Walker Mansion, Edgeworth, PA

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Where We Are Now

By using specialized technology and industry-leading equipment designed by our owners, we are uniquely positioned to move or lift your home safely and securely. We are fully insured and bonded, and certified to work in states throughout the eastern United States. With teams based across several states, we are able to schedule your project to meet your needs.

The Wolfe House & Building Movers (an IASM member) staff is committed to using the most modern methods of structure lifting and moving in the industry.

The Unified Hydraulic Jacking System allows the entire structure raising to be performed by one operator. These tools maintain a completely level and uniform lift, which guarantees a minimum, if not a total absence, of stress cracks consistent with a less precise raising operation.

This, coupled with remote controlled Buckingham Power Dollies, ensures the smoothest building relocation possible, and keeps us in the forefront of building and structural moving technology.

Service Area

Eastern United States

Wolfe House & Building Movers provides its full line of services throughout most states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa and Missouri.

Our main location is in Bernville, Pennsylvania, and we have service areas in Indiana, Connecticut, and North Carolina.Wolfe House Movers Map

From these locations, we also serve New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia.

With our services reaching an ever-widening area, Wolfe House & Building Movers has the capability of completing over 500 lifting, supporting/shoring, and moving projects a year.

Western United States

Museum move in Utah

Wolfe House & Building Movers moved this 600-ton triple-brick museum to its new location around the block in Ogden, Utah.

Wolfe House Movers has a location near Eugene, Oregon, and provides structural moving and lifting for the West Coast. Our service area includes Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

We also provide our expert services for historic restoration/preservation and large masonry structure projects outside of our standard service areas. We’re happy to discuss your project with you no matter where you are located.


Contact Us To Talk About Your Project

If you are looking for an experienced mover to handle a large commercial building move, a historic structure move, or a brick, stone, or other masonry structure move anywhere in the United States, give our office a call at 610-488-1020 or contact us through this website.