Excavation can be done when a foundation needs to be removed and the basement requires more depth.

Foundation and Basement Excavation Services

Our crews are experts in digging underneath buildings and around our cribbing piles to leave a clean excavated foundation hole for masons to begin their work.

Basement under-excavation project in Salisbury, ConnecticutThis 2-story frame house with a 12’ wrap-around porch was lifted, a new foundation was
dug, and the house was set back down to 2′ above the original elevation.

Please note that excavation is offered only in conjunction with our house lifting service for buildings that we have supported.

Our excavation service does not include dirt or foundation debris removal. If dump trucks or dumpsters are available on site, we can place the dirt and/or foundation debris into them. In all other cases, the dirt and foundation debris will be piled up and left on site.

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