Whether you’re repairing a foundation, excavating a basement, replacing a load-bearing wall, or shoring dozens of columns in a warehouse, we bring the experience and expertise you need to your project.

We Protect Your Building’s Structural Integrity

Our supporting and shoring services range from supporting part of your building for a repair or foundation replacement to shoring multiple columns or stories in commercial buildings. Whether it’s small and specific or part of an extensive underpinning project, we ensure that your structure is secure until your renovations are complete.

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“We required a company to support one of our home while we removed 3 structural basement columns, removed the basement floor and existing piers, re-poured piers, allowed cure time, and replaced with new columns. From the initial contact, preliminary evaluation meeting, scheduling with homeowners, and field work, everyone involved was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.”

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Our Shoring, Underpinning, and Structural Support Services

Partial Structure Shoring for Foundation Repair

Wolfe installs cribbing and steel beams under the affected section of your structure, supporting the weight of that specific area while the foundation is repaired or replaced. This method allows the remaining parts of your building to be unaffected, keeping utilities hooked up and even allowing continued occupation of the building.

Shoring for Contaminated Soil Remediation

We use cribbing, steel beams, and our hydraulic jacking system to support and shore part or all of your building for deep excavation to remove contaminated soil, bring in new fill, and install the new foundation. When significant excavation is required, we use crib piles built on platforms supported by micro-piles or helical piles so the excavation can be completed safely.

Shoring for New and Deeper Basements

Wolfe supports your building at its existing elevation and shores it there while the old foundation is removed, further excavation is completed, and a new foundation built up. This process can be done for all types of buildings, including frame, log, block, brick, and stone buildings, and the excavation can be done as deep as the micro-pile or helical pile supports can be installed.

Shoring for Column Replacement or Wall Repair

We install shoring in commercial and industrial buildings for a variety of purposes. We support interior columns to allow replacement of faulty pile caps or while footer pads are upgraded. We shore exterior or interior walls so you can add or remove banks of windows or replace sections of a wall. We also shore roof girders for column repair or replacement. Roof joists can be supported for girder replacement or to swap out interior walls for new beams and columns. Whatever your shoring need, Wolfe House Movers has a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Emergency Shoring Services

When you have a shoring emergency, call us to discuss how we can help you remedy it as efficiently as possible.

Serving the Continental USA

We serve most states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa and Missouri. We also serve the west coast, including California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Our moving services for historic restoration/preservation and large masonry structure projects are available nationwide.

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