Supporting a house at its existing elevation, instead of lifting or relocating it, can be a good option in some situations.

Support/Shoring Maintains Structural Integrity

Two common reasons for opting only to support a structure:

  1. You only need a small part of your foundation replaced but the rest of the house, additions or sections are fine and do not need lifted.
  2. You would like to turn your crawlspace or short basement into a full basement but do not want your house ending up at a higher elevation than what it is now.

Supporting and shoring a 5-story building in Atlantic City, NJEach floor in this five-story building in Atlantic City, NJ was lifted, leveled, and supported. The beams and posts were replaced.

In these cases and more, Wolfe House Movers can support part or all of your structure while the work you need done is completed underneath. The technology we use here at Wolfe House Movers allows us to support your structure very carefully so that there will be no stress put on any additions or sections not being supported.

For structures that have a center beam that needs to be shored up, or extra support is needed under a small section of your structure, our crews have the materials and knowledge to lift, support, and shore up the affected area. We can also provide and install steel beams in areas where the structure needs more than just an extra post or two.

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