House Lifting

There are several scenarios where lifting your home or building can be a viable way to protect it and improve it: prevent flooding, add a story, add head room in a basement, or increase space in a commercial building.

House Lifting and Building Raising

Every year, some areas of the country get more rain than the local rivers, canals, and storm drains can handle. Flooding poses a threat to homes and businesses in these communities.

If your home or business is in one of these areas and has ever been flooded, we can help. Elevating your structure above the documented flood plain* will help protect your building from big storms. In many cases, lifting your building will cut flood insurance premiums drastically.

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Beach house lifted on pilings.

"Wolfe House Movers is a pleasure to work with. I have personally done over 20 lifts with Wolfe and each lift is better than the last. As a General Contractor managing multiple project it is nice to know that I can trust them to get the job done They are penultimate professionals and I look forward to work with them again soon."

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Why Lift a Building or Home?

Protect Your Home from Flood Damage

Whether your structure needs to be raised 8 inches or more than 12 feet, we can handle the project with ease. Our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System is the latest in structural lifting technology. The hydraulic jacking pump synchronizes the pressure to the lifting jacks so that the entire building lifts evenly and steadily. This keeps drywall or plaster cracks to a bare minimum. We support the structure in place while your mason builds the foundation underneath. *You will need to find out from your municipality where the 100-year flood plain is for your property.

House supported on pilings while foundation is prepared.
Lift Your Home and Build a Story Under It

Did you know that you could add a story under a lifted house? If you need to add a story to your house, you don’t have to waste time and money removing and rebuilding a perfectly good roof, not to mention cleaning or remodeling the story just beneath the roof. We can elevate the existing structure to just above the new desired height (typically between 9 to 12 feet). A new wood floor system is then built on the existing foundation walls and exterior frame walls are set in place. Once all the bearing points are in place, our crew will return to set the house onto the newly-constructed first floor.

Add Head Room to Your Basement or Crawlspace

If your basement has a low ceiling, or it’s just a partial basement or a crawlspace, you’ll either need to raise the house or lower the basement floor. With the first option, we raise your house to an elevation that gives you the desired head room in your basement area. With option two, we support your house right where it is and excavate. Please note that our under home excavation services are offered in conjunction with our house lifting service. Any combination of these two options is possible, and we would be happy to discuss them with you. In many cases, it is wise for the homeowner to consult an architect for a professional opinion on which option to choose.

Commercial roof lifting.
Commercial Renovation

When your business needs more space there are several solutions that we can help with. We can lift the roof of your structure up to give you added height. Whether you have a residential-type building or a large warehouse roof, we have the expertise and the equipment to lift the roof just 1 foot or up to 30 feet. If it suits your purposes better, we can raise your building from any point in the wall rather than lifting the entire building or just the roof.

Serving the Continental USA

We serve most states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa and Missouri. Moving services west of the Mississippi River are available for historic restoration/preservation and large masonry structure projects only.

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Pro Tips: House Lifting & Moving

What You Need To Know Before You Lift or Re-locate Your Home

This guide will help you learn what’s involved in a lifting project, so you can make an informed decision before moving forward with a home lifting or moving project.

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