All services we provide are executed expertly and efficiently.

We provide our full line of services throughout most states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa, Missouri, and along the west coast. Our main location is in Bernville, Pennsylvania, and we have offices in Indiana, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Structure Moving

Our Buckingham power dolly system moves your structure safely and with a minimal amount of stress to your building.

Moving Services

Structure Lifting

Our unified hydraulic jacking system uses cutting-edge technology to lift your structure smoothly and uniformly.

Lifting Services

Roof Lifting

Our decades of experience lifting roofs of all types and sizes allow you to safely add headroom or additional floors to your building.

Roof Lifting

Supporting & Shoring

Our proprietary jacks and unified jacking system provide effective supporting and shoring solutions for your structure.

Supporting & Shoring


We provide under-excavation for your house move, house lift, or supporting and shoring project.


Rigging & Hauling (Buckingham Transport)

Our sister company, Buckingham Transport, offers professional rigging and heavy hauling services for moving barges, heavy machinery, vessels, and more.

Rigging & Hauling