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August 2021

Triple-Brick, 3-Story Building
Weighed 840 Tons
Slid 30' West and 4' South for Rail Line Construction
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Wolfe relocates Indiana office building at night

Greenfield, Indiana, USA - June 2021

62'x72' Office Building
Frame With Brick Veneer
Moved ¼ Mile
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Abingdon, VA, USA - June 2021

Built in 1849
Triple Brick Construction with Two Fireplaces
Moved 250'
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Vernon, CT, USA - May 2021

Two 2-story Condominiums Lifted
38'x152' and 54'x148'
Lifted 7' and Supported in Place
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Tillamook, OR, USA - May 2021

1½-Story Frame House
Lifted 5' for Foundation Replacement
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Windsor, CT, USA - May 2021

Two One-Story Frame Barns
3/8 Mile Route Across Fields
Lifted and Moved Without Foundations
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Summerdale, PA, USA - March 2021

Weighed 430 Tons
Made of Mountain Stone
Built in 1841
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Cary, NC, USA - March 2021

Tavern & Stagecoach Stop in the 1800s
Moved 500' Down the Road
2-Story Frame House
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Ephrata, PA, USA - March 2021

Moved House 1 ½ Miles Across Fields
Single Story Brick Veneer Ranch
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The historic Pollocksville Depot is relocated to new site

Pollocksville, NC, USA - March 2021

25'x82' Historic Train Depot from 1893
Flooded By Hurricane Florence in 2018
Moved 1/4 mile Down the Street
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York, Maine, USA - January 2021

44'x120' 3-story Frame Hotel
Lifted 8'
Moved Two Cottages and a Garage On Site
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Orchard Beach SP Shelter House Move

Manistee, MI, USA - December 2020

59'x139' Limestone & Timber Building
Moved 1400' Across the Park
National Register of Historic Places
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Alexandria, VA, USA - December 2020

Built in the 1800s
Triple Brick Construction
Weighed 430 Tons
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Timberville, VA, USA - October 2020

3000' sq ft Farmhouse
Moved 500 Yards Across a Pasture
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South Brunswick, NJ, USA - August 2020

Shored 14 Columns
Used Custom Shoring Stands
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Yale House Move 1

New Haven, CT, USA - August 2020

Historic Frame House Built In 1807
Relocated 500' Down the Street
31'x63' With Two Chimneys And Fireplace
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South Windsor, CT, USA - August 2020

2-story Frame House
Brick Veneer and 3 Fireplaces
Lifted 7' To Replace Crumbling Foundation
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Kershaw, SC, USA - August 2020

1-Story Frame School Building
Moved 100' in Initial Relocation
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Montclair, NJ, USA - August 2020

Supported the Upper Two Stories of a Quad-Brick Wall
Shoring in Basement and 1st Floor System
Shoring for Center Column Replacement
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Indianapolis, IN, USA - July 2020

22'x45' Triple Brick Building
Weighed 345 Tons
Moved 1500'
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Triple Brick House Move 1

Arkport, NY, USA - July 2020

218 Tons with Steel Beams
Moved With Fireplaces and Porch Roof
Moved 90' Back From Road
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Reading, PA, USA - July 2020

Built in 1847
23'x29' 1 ½ story
Moved 1.5 miles
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Bear Lake, MI, USA - June 2020

34'x57' Frame House
Moved With Fireplace, Chimney, and Garage
Threatened By Shoreline Erosion
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Willington, CT, USA - April 2020

Lifted 7' For Foundation Replacement
28'x75' 2-Story Frame House
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Utah Bangerter Building Move

South Jordan, UT, USA - March 2020

Weighed 400 Tons
18,000 Sq Ft
One of the Largest Buildings Moved in Utah
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Charleston House Lift

Charleston, SC, USA - February 2020

Historic Charleston House weighing 360 tons
Lifted 8' to Avoid Flooding
Circa. 1857
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Historic Roslyn Gristmill

Roslyn, NY, USA - January 2020

Historic Roslyn Gristmill - circa. 1715
Elevated 5' to replace the existing foundation
Dutch Framed Industrial Architecture
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Bismarck, ND, USA - January 2020

145'x 182' 4-Story Commercial Office Building
Shored Twelve Columns
Used 52 Buckingham 5" Bore Jacks
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Wolfe House & Building Movers

Chestertown, MD, USA - November 2019

Moved 100' back on the property
Dimensions: 33' x 40'
Wood frame structure, 1.5 Stories
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Connecticut House Lift

South Windsor, CT, USA - October 2019

House lifted 7' with deck & fireplace
52' x 70', 2 Story House with brick veneer
Failing foundation needed to be replaced
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USS Sequoia Relocation

Deltaville, VA, USA - September 2019

Presidential Yacht from 1931 to 1977
182,000 lb, 104' long Wooden Yacht
Barged from Virginia to Maine
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Allentown, PA, USA - September 2019

94'x16' Sections of Steel and Concrete
Each Bridge Section weighed 280,000 lbs
Accelerated Bridge Construction done over a 55-Hour period
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House Lift, House lifting, Raising a House

Ashford, CT, USA - August 2019

33'x 69' 2-Story Frame House
Lifted 5' with Enclosed Porch & Chimney
Failing Foundation Replacement
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Philadelphia, PA, USA - July 2019

Supported a 2.5 Story Stone Masonry House
Weighed over 1,000 Tons
Excavation done underneath while supported
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA - June 2019

Two 17'x30' Carriage Houses
Moved 200' and Rotated 90° On Site
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Pumping Station

Detroit, MI, USA - May 2019

20'x20', Historic Stone and Brick Structure
Moved 100' by the Buckingham Power Dolly System
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