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Philadelphia, PA, USA - July 2019

Supported a 2.5 Story Stone Masonry House
Weighed over 1,000 Tons
Excavation done underneath while supported
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Drum Cooler Transport in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD, USA - May 2019

232,000 lb Drum Cooler
Moved 3 miles Through the Port of Baltimore
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813 Canal St. 1

Carolina Beach, NC, USA - April 2019

Lifted to 21' Above Grade
Dimensions: 33' x 70'
1.5 Story House
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Cambray Move

Fort Wayne, IN, USA - February 2019

100' Long, Triple Brick Building
Weighed 600 Tons
Moved 500' Across the Road
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Washington, DC - January 2019

25'x59' Triple-Brick Building
368 ton
Moved 50' to Storage Location
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North Adams, MA, USA - January 2019

53'x98' Frame Office Building
Moved on 4 Dollies
Moved 250' on the Property
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Johnstown, PA, USA - November 2018

226,500 Lb Transformer
Moved 5 Miles
Moved Up A Steep Grade
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New Hope, PA, USA - October 2018

Historic Odette's Restaurant Building
Weighed 387 Ton
Moved on 15 Buckingham Dollies with SmartSteer
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Spanish American War Monument

Charlotte, NC, USA - October 2018

30' Tall
Weighed 35 Tons
Moved w/ its Concrete Footer
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Lancaster, PA, USA - August 2018

48'x70' Frame Chapel
Moved the Concrete Slab Floor
Weighed 250 tons
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New Lenox, IL, USA - August 2018

36'x82' Masonry Depot
Weighed 200 Tons
Moved 5 Miles
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Norristown, PA, USA - July 2018

11,000 sq ft Roof Lifted
Lifted for 23' Clearance
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Historic Livery Building Relocation

Indianapolis, IN, USA - July 2018

36'x66' Triple Brick Building
Moved 100' Across the Parking Lot
Moved on the Buckingham Power Dolly System
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Historic House Moved in Brighton, MA

Boston, MA, USA - June 2018

Triple Brick Historic Building
Weighed 375 tons
Moved 300' across the Campus
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Roof Raising - Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY, USA - March 2018

24,300sf Roof
Raised 9'5
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318,000 lb Transformer Delivered for Delmarva Power

Newark, DE - December 2017

Electrical Transformer
318,000 lbs
Moved On-Site
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Industrial Press Delivered to Gestamp

Union, SC - November 2017

445,000 lb load
Transported 500 Miles
Carried at 16" Above the Road
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Constitution Gardens - Historic Lockkeepers House Relocation

Washington, DC, USA - October 2017

Historic Stone Building
Built in 1837
Weighs 110 tons
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Transformer Relocation

Sandusky, OH - September 2017

157,600 lbs
Carried Only 16" Above The Road
Set Without Crane or Jack & Slide
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Historic Jackson House Relocated

Greensboro, GA - September 2017

58'x78' 2½ Story Frame House
Moved ¾ Of A Mile On The Road
House Weighed 265 Ton
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Saving a 200-Year-Old Farmhouse in Lititz, PA

Lititz, PA - May 2017

Historic Triple-Brick House
circa. 1810
Weighed 300 tons
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Boiler Placement

Jamaica, Queens, NY - April 2017

145,000 lb Boiler
Moved 150' on Steel Rails with Hydraulic Push Rams
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Wheaton, IL - April 2017

42'x115' 2½ Story Brick Mansion
730 tons
Moved 400' across the Site
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Transformer Transport

Gettysburg, PA - February 2017

238,500 lbs
Moved 1 Mile
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Tippu Sultan's Armory Relocation

Mysore, Karnataka, India - February 2017

33'x44' Historic Brick Armory
228 Years Old
4' Thick Brick Walls
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Belleair, FL - December 2016

64' x 156', 5-story, Timber Frame Hotel
Weighed 1,750 Ton
Rotated 50 Degrees and Moved 350'
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First International Bank Lift

Bismarck, ND - December 2016

125' x 164' - 4 Story Steel Building
Weighed Over 800 Tons
67 Jacking Towers / 126 Hydraulic Jacks
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Sidna Allen House Lift

Fancy Gap, VA - November 2016

Built in 1911
Queen Anne Style Home
Lifted for Foundation Repair
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Walker Mansion Relocation

Edgeworth, PA - August 2016

58' x 95' Stone House
Circa. 1904
1,600 tons
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Bohemia, NY - August 2016

11,000 Square Foot Roof
Lifted From 24' to 40' Above the Floor
Weighed 132 ton
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Frame & Stone Farmhouse Move, Newmanstown, PA

Newmanstown, PA - August 2016

39'x54', 3-Story, Frame & Stone Farmhouse
Large Porch Roof and Two Large Fireplaces
House Weighed 235 ton
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House Lift For Foundation Replacement

Glastonbury, CT - June 2016

45' x 58' 2½ Story Frame House
Large Fireplace & Deck Lifted With The House
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Osage, IA - June 2016

36'x72', quad-Brick Seminary Building
Weighed 633 ton
Relocated 1,000 feet to the New Location
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Penfield Pavilion Elevation

Fairfield, CT - May 2016

11,000 sf Beach Pavilion
Relocated 150' to the Parking Lot
Relocated 150' Back Onto the New Foundation
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Old Milwaukee Depot Relocation

Bedford, IN - May 2016

30' x 132' Limestone Depot
525 Ton
Moved 3 Blocks
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First Spiritualist Church Relocation

Springfield, MA - April 2016

Circa. 1887
Triple Brick Construction
Weighed 475 ton
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Waterloo Amtrak Depot Relocation

Waterloo, IN - March 2016

Historic Amtrak Station - circa. 1884
24' x 75' depot
Moved 300' along the tracks
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Historic Hilton Barn Move

New Scotland, NY - March 2016

Historic Hilton Barn
60'x120' timber frame barn
Moved 600' across the road
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LPMG Shoring & Support

Atlantic City, NJ - February 2016

Lifted and leveled on five floors
Beams and posts replaced
Lift completed with Buckingham Hydraulic Shoring Posts
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P&N Thrift Depot Relocation

Charlotte, NC - January 2016

Weighed 368 ton
Historic P&N Thrift Depot
Rotated 180 degrees and moved 300' across the tracks
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Tague Lumber Roof Lift

Kennett Square, PA - December 2015

4,500 square feet
Wood truss framing
Lifted the Roof 10'
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Zimmerman Bros Roof Lift

Trappe, PA - December 2015

Lifted 4 ft.
6,700 sf Roof
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Stone Tower Move in Bristol, RI

Bristol, RI - November 2015

Moved 800 feet across the Grounds
250 ton Stone Tower
Circa. 1889
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Springfield, NJ Roof Lift

Springfield, NJ - October 2015

33,300 sf Roof
Lifted from 15' to 24'
Steel bar joist framing
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3,200 sq. ft. House Lift - Fairfield, CT

Fairfield, CT - September 2015

3,200 sf, 2 story frame house
Flooded in Hurricane Sandy
Lifted 6 ft
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2,000 sq. ft. Roof Lift

Bensalem, PA - July 2015

Lifted roof 8 ft.
2,000 square ft.
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Lake Michigan Home Relocation

St. Joseph, MI - July 2015

100'x106' 2½ Story Frame House Relocation
Slid on Steel Rails with Hydraulic Push Rams
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Historic Frame House Relocation - Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA - June 2015

Moved with 4 Buckingham Dollies
Moved 200 ft sideways
Saved from demolition
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Manheim, PA - May 2015

25' diameter and 100' tall
Concrete silo
Moved 400 yards
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Log House Move in Lewisburg, PA

Lewisburg, PA - April 2015

Solid Log House
Moved on 3 Buckingham Dollies
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Rebuilt Foundation in Vineland

Vineland, NJ - April 2015

Worked in Precarious Conditions to save the Building
Supported Two Story Brick Wall
Removed and Rebuilt Foundation
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Commercial Steel Building Relocation

Sturgis, MI - March 2015

60'x145' Steel Building
Moved 1/4 Mile
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Serbia Passenger Boat Move

Belgrade, Serbia - December 2014

170' long Boat
Weighed 794,000 lbs.
6 Buckingham Coaster Dollies and 2 Buckingham Power Dollies used
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Historic Rees House Relocation

Chicago, IL - December 2014

25’ wide, 97’ long, and 61’ tall
Built in 1888
Weighs 1050 tons
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Timber Frame Barn Relocation

Saline, MI - November 2014

Timber Frame Bank Barn
36' x 64' / 35' tall
Moved 1/4 Mile Through Fields
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Barge Separation

San Diego, CA - October 2014

36'x185' Flat Bottom Barge
Split to Allow 20' Addition in Center
Weighed 650 ton
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The Wilkins House Move

Greenville, SC - September 2014

50'x68' Triple Brick Mansion
Circa. 1870
765 ton
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Warehouse Roof Lift

Ocean Township, NJ - September 2014

Lifted to 27’ above the floor
99'x100' (9,900sf)
12 Roof Jacks unified for the lift
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Boones Mill, VA, USA - July 2014

24' x 101' Timber-Frame Depot
Relocated 500 yards
Crossed NS Railroad Tracks
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Historic Railroad Depot Move

Sturgis, MI - June 2014

Historic 41′ x 96′ Stone and Brick Depot
Circa. 1867
304 Tons
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Historic Stone House Move

Landisville, PA - May 2014

34'x40' 2½ story Stone House
Moved ¼ mile through a school campus and a field
Weighed 520 ton
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Kingston, NY Barge Move

Kingston, NY - April 2014

60'x150' Barge
Weighed 750,000 pounds (375 ton)
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78′ Passenger Car Move

Gettysburg, PA - February 2014

78' long x 10' wide passenger car
Weighed 92,000 lbs.
Moved 28 miles
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Crabtree Jones House Relocation

Raleigh, NC - February 2014

The Crabtree Jones House
62' X 80' historic frame house
240 ton
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1751 Stone House Move

Carlisle, PA - October 2013

34'x66' Solid Stone House
Moved 650 feet back on the Property
Weighed 740 tons
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Bay Head Yacht Club Move

Bay Head, NJ - October 2013

62'x107' Historic Yacht Club
Moved 120 feet temporarily for New Foundation
Raised 14'
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Triple-Brick Row House Move

Des Moines, IA - September 2013

280 ton, triple-brick building (Norden Hall)
Moved with the Buckingham Power Dolly SmartSteer System
Moved 3 blocks with 3 tight 90 degree turns
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525 Ton Stone House Move

Malvern, PA - August 2013

Square Stone House
Weighed 525 ton
Moved 800' across a field
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Hurricane Sandy Lift

Norwalk, CT - April 2013

Lifted without a crack inside
Two large, brick fireplaces
Lifted 5 ft
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Greenwich, CT House Lift

Greenwich, CT - April 2013

3 story frame house
Lifted 8 ft out of 100 yr flood plain
Also lifted small, detached, single car garage
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68' Laser Move

Lititz, PA - March 2013

8'x 68' tube laser
80,000 lbs
Move in & out of tight spaces
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Mantoloking, NJ Lift

Mantoloking, NJ - February 2013

Jersey Shore house lift
Flooded by Hurricane Sandy
Lifted up out of the sand
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Sea Bright, NJ House Lift

Sea Bright, NJ - February 2013

17'x45' 2 story frame house
Flooded in Hurricane Sandy
Elevated 12 ft
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Easton, PA - October 2012

42' x 50' Two Story Stone Farmhouse
Weighed 510 tons
Moved on 14 Buckingham Dollies
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West Kill, NY - Log Cabin Support

West Kill, NY - October 2012

Supported for Foundation Replacement
37'x64' Log Cabin
Nestled in the Catskill Mountains
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Binghamton University Monument Move

Vestal, NY - September 2012

30' tall granite monument
Weighed 40 ton
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Historic Chapel

Fort Indiantown Gap, PA - September 2012

48 ton wood frame chapel
Moved 1.5 miles on National Guard Training Base
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Reefer Rack Moved in Port of Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ - September 2012

10’ x 365’ Reefer Rack
27’ tall and weighed 200 ton
Moved on 9 Buckingham Dollies
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Tank Lift - Mountain Dale, NY

Mountain Dale, NY - September 2012

Lifted to replace floor
30' diameter tank
Completed in one day
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Golden, MO - Brick House Lift

Golden, MO - April 2012

74' x 90' Frame house with Brick Veneer
Lifted 5 ft
Flooded from nearby Kings River
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Historic Brick Museum Move

Ogden, UT - January 2012

Historic 49'X83' Triple Brick Museum
600 tons
Moved Around the Block
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Washington D.C., Modular Building Move

Washington, DC - September 2011

Modular building move
Moved for the Solar Decathlon Competition
Given to a local Family via Habitat for Humanity
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Brick House Moved With Slab Floor

Manheim, PA - August 2011

Pleasant View Retirement Community Duplex
Frame House with Brick Veneer and Slab Floor
Relocated 250' on site
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New Orleans, LA - July 2011

6 tanks
200' long
Muddy ground
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Shoring in Bryn Mawr, PA

Bryn Mawr, PA - June 2011

3 Different Spots Shored Up
Supported for Foundation Replacement
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Baisley Park Bus Depot Roof Lift

Brooklyn, NY - May 2011

14,000 sf bar joist roof
MTA Bus Depot in Jamaica (Brooklyn) NY
Lifted the roof 5 ft
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Mississippi River Cabin Lift

Winfield, MO - November 2010

44' x 80' 2-Story Log Cabin
3 Large Stone Fireplaces
Lifted Up 16'
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400,000 lb Tank Move

Washington, PA - October 2010

200' long tanks
Weighed 200 ton
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Veterinary Office Excavation

Easton, PA - October 2010

96'x99 Masonry Block Building
Supported Building and excavated down 12'
Veterinary Business inside stay open the entire time
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Block Garage Move

Winchester, MA - October 2010

Cement Block Garage
Moved 30' on Skates
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Bank Barn Shoring

Easton, PA - August 2010

36'x80' Timber Frame Barn
Straightened Barn & Stone Foundation Wall
Used Buckingham Hydraulic Shoring Posts
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Block House Move

Point Pleasant, WV - May 2010

28' x 36' 2½ Story Block House
Moved 3 Blocks Through Town
Moved on 6 Buckingham Dollies
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Atlanta, GA - Brick House Lift

Atlanta, GA - April 2010

30’ x 90’ frame house w/ brick veneer
Raised 10 ft
6 day lift
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Stone Mansion Relocation

Fort Washington, PA - December 2009

250 Year Old Stone House
Weighed 840 ton
Moved on 21 Hydraulic Powered, Remote Controlled Dollies
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Ohio Log Cabin

St Clairsville, OH - September 2009

28'x 32' Log Cabin
Wrap-around porch & Stone Fireplace
Moved 1.5 miles
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Generator Relocation & Set

Harrisburg, PA - June 2009

12' x 30' x 13'3" 70,000 lb Generator
Transported 800' Down A Steep Slope
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120′ Sycamore Tree Move

Potomac, MD - April 2009

35' diameter by 5' deep root ball
120' tall tree
Moved 300 yards
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Venturi Beach House

Barnegat Light, NJ - March 2009

Beach House designed by Robert Venturi
Moved 90 miles by Barge up the Atlantic Ocean and through the NY Harbor
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James Morrow House

Newark, DE - August 2008

500 ton stone house
Historic James Morrow house
Moved 450 feet
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Alexander Hamilton National Memorial

New York, NY - April 2008

Alexander Hamilton's "Country Mansion"
Built in 1802
Required 35 foot lift and slide to get out of its lot
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Log Cabin Move

Winslow, IN - February 2008

3/4 mile move
28' x 37' log cabin
Through an open mine pit
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Wertz Ice Cream Building

Wernersville, PA - September 2007

Fiberglass structure with Concrete Slab Floor
Moved 1/4 mile to the new location along SR 422
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