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New Canaan, CT - July 2023

Stone and Brick Building
Moved 115' via Roll Beam System
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Fenton, MI - June 2023

24'x35' Frame Building
Moved 1 Mile
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2-story brick veneer house sits on steel beams and cribbing

Gallatin, TN - June 2023

50'x90' Frame House
Moved 500' onsite
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Washington, DC - March 2023

36'x48' Log Building
67 Tons
Moved for Campus Development
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Philadelphia, PA - March 2023

11'x25' Brick Building
Moved With Interior Slab
Moved 1.5 Miles
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Cary, NC - February 2023

Built in the 1870s
1 ½-Story Gothic Revival Style
Moved for Preservation
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Hamilton, OH - January 2023

Built Mid-1800s
Moved in Two Sections
Triple-Brick Construction
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Bend, OR - January 2023

2-Story Block Building
Moved for Infrastructure Development
½-Mile Move Route
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Harrisburg, PA - December 2022

24'x78' 2-Story Riverboat
Lifted & Supported for Repair
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Mansfield, CT - December 2022

35'x72' 2-Story Frame House
Two-Stage Relocation
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South Bend, IN - September 2022

2-Story Brick House
Circa 1920
Moved Six Blocks
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Bethesda, MD - September 2022

9,000 Sq Ft
Weighed 1,110 Ton
Moved 250' Onsite
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Wolfe relocates Easton farmhouse

Easton, PA - August 2022

2½-Story Stone Farmhouse
Moved ½ Mile
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Phoenix, AZ - August 2022

Concrete Block
Moved With Slab Floor
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Ronks, PA - June 2022

42x79' Bank Barn
Timber Frame Construction on Stone Foundation
Lifted 5'
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Millbrook, NY - June 2022

Multiple Floor Levels
Lifted Without Floor System
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Charlotte, NC - May 2022

56'x92' Frame House With Brick Veneer
Steep Uphill Grade on Move Route
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Markleysburg, PA - May 2022

Built in 1795
27"-Thick Walls
Four Fireplaces
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New Albany, IN - April 2022

2-Story Brick Farmhouse
Circa 1860
Moved 1000'
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Manchester, CT - April 2022

Multiple Condo Units Lifted
Lifted w/ Chimneys, Garages, and Rear Decks
Raised 7'
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Warm Springs, OR - April 2022

2-Story Frame Building
Built in 1896
Moved for Renovation and Development
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Brunswick, MD - April 2022

Circa-1910 Frame Building
Moved 100'
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Minneapolis, MN - March 2022

Triple-Brick Wall Support
3-Story Building
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Akron, IN - March 2022

138-Year Old Train Depot
1-Story Frame Construction
Relocated for Renovation
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Frederick. MD - March 2022

Moved 250' Onsite
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Philadelphia, PA - February 2022

Supported and Shored 12 Warehouse Columns
Supported and Press-Straightened 15 Additional Columns
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Manheim, PA - December 2021

49'x55' Roof System
Lifted 10'
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Princeton, NJ - December 2021

24x50' 2-Story Pool House
Rotated 3' On Site
Moved With Concrete Slab & Fireplace
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Minneapolis, MN - December 2021

Triple-brick Commercial Building
Two-Stage Move
Relocated Without Floor
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Newtown Square, PA - December 2021

9'-Tall Stone Column
Moved 4' Away From Road
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Horsham, PA - December 2021

32'x 52' New Construction
Moved Onsite
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Coeymans, NY - November 2021

36'x70' Two-Story Brick Building
Moved Without Slab
Relocated 1000'
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Chambersburg, PA - October 2021

2-Story Frame House
Moved 150' On Property
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Montecito, CA - August 2021

54'x78' w/ Four-Car Garage
410 Tons
Moved Uphill Out of Flood Plain
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Three stories of building are shored and leveled

Belmont, NC - August 2021

Supported Three Floor Levels
Installed Helical Anchors & Cable Bracing
Lifted Building 4"
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Chicago, IL - August 2021

Triple-Brick, 3-Story Building
Weighed 840 Tons
Slid 30' West and 4' South for Rail Line Construction
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