Brick Veneer 2-Story Home Relocation

Gallatin, TN / June 2023


Gallatin, TN / June 2023

When the owner of this 2-story home in Tennessee subdivided and sold part of her property to a developer, she wanted to retain the house and move it a quarter mile across the land to her adjoining property. The house was frame with brick veneer over a 4′ crawlspace and had a garage and three fireplaces. Wolfe engineered and installed a steel beam platform to support the house and prevent damage to the brick during the relocation. After the house was lifted off of the old crawlspace, a foreman used the Buckingham SmartSteer System® with six sets of Buckingham hydraulic dollies to keep the house level and stable while driving it safely along the move route. At the new site, Wolfe laid steel beams over the 10′ basement and drove the house over the beams, positioning it over the basement walls. Workers built up crib piles under the house to support it while they removed the dollies, then lowered the house onto the walls.


50'x90' Frame House

Moved 500' onsite