Wolfe Moves Historic Andrews House

Bethesda, MD / September 2022


Bethesda, MD / September 2022

The 2½ -story Tudor Revival style stone Andrews House was built around 1911 and purchased by the founders of Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland in the mid-1930s. The 9,000-sq-ft manor house stands at the heart of the campus and has served many purposes over the years, from housing to classrooms to offices. In 2022, Landon School decided to move the house 250′ onsite to make room for the construction of a new Upper School.

Wolfe contracted to move the 58’x95′ stone building with its two fireplaces, front porch roof with stone pillars, 14×17′ stone and frame addition with slab, and 10’x15′ end addition with slab. After excavating around the building, Wolfe set a platform of steel beams under it and lifted it using the Buckingham SmartJack™ System, then positioned 26 Buckingham Dollies under the house and drove it 250′ along the graded move ramp to the new location.


9,000 Sq Ft

Weighed 1,110 Ton

Moved 250' Onsite