In Connecticut, we have completed many house moving projects, including moving a 6,000 square foot, three story home with a brick chimney safely and ahead of schedule. As building movers who care greatly about the results of their work and complete customer satisfaction. Our proven processes and use of modern building moving equipment and technologies allow us to complete structural moves not only efficiently, but safely too.

Does Your Connecticut Building or Home Need a Lift?

If you live in a flood zone, FEMA requires that your home be above the B.F.E. (Base Flood Elevation) to be compliant with current regulations. Recent severe storms, like Hurricane Sandy, have placed house moving and lifting as a priority in the minds of residents who live in a flood zone.

One recent building move project we completed in Connecticut was a tricky one. The homeowner had recently renovated the home and did not want to damage the new tile work, wood flooring, or ground floor fireplace. The owner hadn’t even cleared his kitchen cabinets of glassware!

Using our Buckingham Unified Hydraulic Jacking System and the Buckingham Power Dolly System, we were able to re-locate the house 15 feet back on the property and raise the building to the required height required by FEMA. Our proven building moving and raising technologies ensured a smooth building move for this customer in Connecticut and avoided damage to the property.

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“There may be other companies that move houses, but I would never trust anyone other than the experts at Wolfe to move my home. You moved our home in a timely and professional manner without a glitch. Your work ethic, integrity and years of experience make Wolfe the best in the business.”
— Peter Daigle, Darien, Connecticut

“The house was moved efficiently, safely and ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Wolfe House and Building Movers to anyone who is considering hiring them.”
— Thor Magnus, Nordic Custom Builders, Old Greenwich, Connecticut