beach erosion in the Outer Banks from Hurricane Matthew
Outer Banks beach erosion after Hurricane Matthew hit in October 2016.

Two Common Reasons Why N. Carolina Residents Elevate Their Homes

If you’re considering lifting your home, now is a good time to do it. You could lower flood insurance rates significantly by lifting or constructing above the base flood elevation for your area, according to FEMA.

  1. My Home Sustained Severe Flood Damage.
    When your home or other structure is flooded or sustains damage, it might feel like there’s no other choice than to rebuild or move. The decision to move from your current home can be a heart-wrenching one. But demolishing and rebuilding your current residence is not the only viable option available to you. You can repair your home, and then have it lifted off the ground. Once it’s raised, a new foundation and pilings can be built underneath.
  2. I Want To Protect My Home From Future Floods.
    House lifting is becoming increasingly sensible to prepare and protect your home, especially if you live in the Outer Banks or near the North Carolina coast. By choosing to raise your home, you’ll not only protect it from water damage, but also can significantly lower your flood insurance costs and gain peace of mind for the future safety of your most valuable asset.

Homeowners all along the eastern coast from New Jersey to Georgia have trusted us to elevate their homes. We can help you too.

coastal-home-liftedHome we raised above the 100-year flood plain in Margate City, NJ after Hurricane Sandy.

Why Choose Wolfe To Elevate Your Home

Wolfe House & Building Movers staff are experienced house lifters, especially in coastal communities. We perform house raising projects regularly, using steel beams and a high-power Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. Raising the house allows for the foundation to be repaired, replaced, and/or extended to improve structural soundness and increase its longevity.

Wolfe House & Building Movers are qualified house lifters with 40 years of experience and an exceptional reputation for doing things the right way.

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Our service area covers the entire state from our North Carolina office.

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beach-house-liftingWe’ll work with other contractors you might hire to get the job done right and on schedule.

What Our Customers Say About Our House Lifting Services

“Wolfe’s crew showed up at 10:00 a.m. from Pennsylvania and the lift was done by 5:00 p.m. same day! The job was as near perfect as anyone could possibly expect. … Hire these guys. If you do, getting the house up and down will be the most carefree part of the job.”
— David Austin, homeowner, New Jersey

“The crew under your employ consisted of four men, and I only know their first names: Nevin, Tim, Ted, and Ben. Their mission was to raise my home six feet. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with the teamwork and professionalism I saw displayed that day.”
— F.E. Gembicki, homeowner, New Jersey

“You came in and did the job on time as scheduled… I am very satisfied with your workmanship and your crew who made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.”
— Keith, general contractor, Maryland

“Wolfe Movers lifted the flood-damaged home with no issues. Everyone was very knowledgeable of the scope of the project and finished the job on schedule. The cost estimates were accurate.”
— John Willis, general contractor, Georgia

“Thank you once again for the wonderful job you did raising our home. The diligence, efficiency and expertise that you and your crew displayed made us feel very confident and at ease through the whole process.”
— Jim Szoke, homeowner, Pennsylvania

Talk To Us About Your Project

At Wolfe House Movers, we believe that we provide the best overall lifting and moving experience, terms, and insurance. We aim to think of everything ahead of time to ensure that your experience with us is as positive as it can be.

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