Roof Lifting

Add more space without modifying your footprint by expanding vertically.

The Why, How, and Cost of a Roof Lifting Project

Adding space through new construction is costly. Zoning regulations, new taxes, and finding land to build on takes time and money. Relocating to a larger home or building is another option, but again, costs add up quickly.

There is another option.

Increase the square footage within your existing footprint by raising the roof. A roof lifting project utilizes your existing roof, raised to the desired height, and reattached and secured to the support columns. Building owners across the country are choosing roof raising as a fast, affordable way to double or triple the cubic space of their building.

roof lifting project in bohemia, nyThis 11,000 sq. ft. roof was lifted 16′ to create extra space for this Bohemia, NY testing facility.

Why Lift a Roof?

Roof raising is normally done for commercial buildings, especially warehouses with lower ceiling height. By raising the roof, you can double or even triple the height and usable storage space in your building. This is done in a safe manner that reduces downtime and spares the waste that a new construction project would entail.

Whether you need an additional foot or 25 feet, a roof raising project gives you the headroom your operation needs. You can also raise the roof of your home or residential structure to add more square footage to your home.

Benefits of Roof Raising Project

If you’re considered raising your property’s roof, here are some benefits you might want to consider:

  • It maximizes your building’s functional space without increasing its footprint on the property
  • It allows you to quickly modernize an outdated warehouse, office, or home with additional height space
  • You avoid the taxes that accompany new construction
  • Raising a roof does not require significant demolition, which minimizes costs and disruption
  • It brings you increased marketability of your commercial space, leading to better tenants

advanced roof lifting equipmentWe use advanced hydraulic roof lifting equipment to uniformly raise a roof one inch at a time.

How Do You Lift a Roof?

Raising a roof smoothly requires the right equipment and expertise. At Wolfe, we have both. We use a state-of-the-art Unified Jacking Machine that lifts the roof evenly and avoids placing unnecessary stress to its structure. A roof can be lifted from one inch up to several stories.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

This is usually one of the first questions we receive. The cost really depends on two things:

  • The size and shape of the roof
  • How high the roof is being lifted

It is usually less expensive to lift a roof to increase a building’s space than through other methods. We encourage you to contact us so we may gather more information and create a detailed, custom estimate for you.

Roof Raising/Lifting Projects

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