260-Year-Old Stone House in Carlisle, PA

DICKINSON TWP. — Usually when a family moves, the house stays put and the people skedaddle to another town or country setting.

But for Nathan and Stacy Wolf, the plan today is to take their 260-year-old stone house on a short ride around a hill to settle on a new foundation about 450 feet back from its original location.

“The road noise and presence of Ritner Highway is the primary motivating factor,” Nathan Wolf said. “It’s just an ever-present source of aggravation.”

When the couple bought the property in 2007, Wolf underestimated the impact the speed and volume of traffic would have on the safety, livability and enjoyment of their home.

Highway noise and headlight illumination have made the front bedrooms unusable, Wolf said. The noise was so loud they could not open windows at night and had problems getting a good night’s sleep whenever vehicles with modified exhausts raced by in the early morning hours.

You can read more about this project on cumberlink.com.

Photo credit: Michael Bupp | Article exerpt credit: Joseph Cress/The Sentinel