As Water Levels Rise, so Too Can Buildings — December 19 2019

Charleston House Lift

Water levels around the world are rising, and as the shorelines change over the years and houses are flooded more frequently, homeowners are searching for alternatives to protect their buildings. The Federation of American Scientists stated in 2016 that from 1995 to 2015 sea levels rose 3 inches. As for what water levels will do in the next 20 years no one can say for sure, but water levels will likely rise in some capacity and will cause property owners to weigh their options who seek to preserve the integrity of their structures. Working in Charleston, South Carolina has been a regular occurrence for Wolfe House Movers over the last several years for homeowners who are seeking to raise their homes to a safe elevation above the rising floodwaters.

Raising historic homes in areas such as historic downtown Charleston can be a great choice for homeowners, and the benefits of raising any house in flood zones or along water shorelines can be quickly realized. Flood insurance has only become more costly in high risk areas but can be reduced significantly with the raising of a house. Also, the removal of the house from continual exposure to moisture will raise the resale value and integrity of the building. The Post and Courier featured Wolfe House Movers in an article earlier this year where the focus was squarely on the homes being elevated in the Charleston area. You can read the article HERE.

Post and Courier - Wolfe House Movers