Eight-Sided Barn in Carrollton, IL Moved to New Site

Wolfe House & Building movers was featured in a news story in the Alton, Illinois Telegraph today:

An unusual barn near Carrollton no longer stands where it had for some 130 years. It was moved Wednesday night to a spot about a half-mile west to make way for new development while keeping history intact.

The Fry Octagonal Barn on North Park Road was in the path of progress — specifically, taking up land where the Illinois Housing Development Authority and other public-private partners are building 34 rental units in single-story townhouses. …

State housing officials recognized the uniqueness of the circa-1880s eight-sided structure and started working with Anne E. Haaker, deputy state historic preservation officer, to come up with a solution other than tearing it down.

Because of the barn’s age and unusual shape, it is eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. …

Still, while moving entire buildings intact is nothing new, it is a bit of a peculiarity in west-central Illinois.

“You see examples throughout the United States all the time, but it just doesn’t happen all that often here,” said David Halpin, cultural resources manager of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. “The integrity of the barn was a great part of the consideration.”

Workers started preparing to move the structure Wednesday morning. The plan had called for the move to be made Thursday morning, but workers decided late Wednesday afternoon to go ahead, and the move was completed by evening, Halpin said.

“The barn is safe,” he said. “It’s where it’s supposed to be.


Photo: John Badman for The Telegraph