Historic Jackson House Relocated

Greensboro, GA / September 2017


Greensboro, GA / September 2017

The Jackson House in Greensboro, GA — built in 1883 and considered one of the finest examples of Steamboat Gothic architecture — was scheduled to be demolished. An interested third party stepped in to save this historic home and move it from its location. Wolfe House Movers was then contracted to lift the house and its expansive porches and move it 3/4 of a mile down a road to a new lot. The 2½ story frame house, its 3 large fireplaces and its wrap-around porches were lifted up, placed on 8 Buckingham Power & Coaster Dollies and moved down the tight road to its new home.


58'x78' 2½ Story Frame House

Moved ¾ Of A Mile On The Road

House Weighed 265 Ton