Office Building Shoring and Support

Montclair, NJ / August 2020

Montclair, NJ / August 2020

This three-story masonry office building in Montclair, New Jersey, needed extensive renovation, including the replacement of several center support columns and a new bank of windows inset into a 30’ section of the building’s 1st-story exterior wall. Wolfe House Movers used crib piles, steel beams, and jacking-shoring posts both inside and outside of the building to support the interior columns while they were replaced, and to shore the exterior wall and support the 2nd and 3rd stories of the building while the 1st story wall was removed, a steel beam and post system was constructed, and storefront windows were installed.


Supported the Upper Two Stories of a Quad-Brick Wall

Shoring in Basement and 1st Floor System

Shoring for Center Column Replacement