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Reefer Rack Moved in Port of Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ / September 2012

Rigging/Heavy Hauling

Newark, NJ / September 2012

We rigged and moved this 10’ x 365’ Reefer Rack at the Port of Newark in September 2012. We cross-braced the 27’ tall and 200 ton Reefer Rack with chains and loaded it onto 9 Buckingham Dollies. Once lifted up off of the ground, the Buckingham Power Dolly System with SmartSteer carried the rack smoothly around a corner and down to its new location. The move only took several hours and the entire process was completed in less than a week.


10’ x 365’ Reefer Rack

27’ tall and weighed 200 ton

Moved on 9 Buckingham Dollies