Historic Rees House Relocation

Chicago, IL / December 2014

Historic Building Moving

Chicago, IL / December 2014

The Harriet F. Rees House is a 25’ wide, 97’ long, and 61’ tall triple brick house that was built in 1888 for the widow of real estate developer James Rees.

From August to December of 2014, Wolfe House Movers prepared and moved the 1050-ton brick house and its 25’ x 35’ two-story brick coach house. With 30 Buckingham Dollies under it, the house was quite a sight traveling the 400’ up South Prairie Avenue at an almost imperceptible pace.

The house had to then be backed into the new site with only inches on either side to the neighboring houses as it was rotating into place. The remote control Buckingham Power Dolly System made the process smooth and simple as the tall and narrow house inched toward its new foundation.

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25’ wide, 97’ long, and 61’ tall

Built in 1888

Weighs 1050 tons

Traveled 400’ on city street