Tippu Sultan’s Armory Relocation

Mysore, Karnataka, India / February 2017

House & Building Moving

Mysore, Karnataka, India / February 2017

This historic brick armory, built by Tippu Sultan in 1790, needed to be moved back away from a railroad line to make room for another set of tracks to be built. In 2016, Wolfe House & Building Movers was contracted to do the work and began the process of planning. All specialty equipment had to be packed into a container and shipped over well ahead of time. The armory was partially buried and required a lot of excavation to get sufficient working room under and around it. The 4′ thick brick walls made for slow work when cutting holes and installing the steel beams. After it was properly supported and shimmed, the building was lifted with a Unified Hydraulic Jacking System hooked up to 37 Hydraulic Jacks and moved on 28 Steel Skates with the same Unified System hooked to 14 Hydraulic Push-Rams. Working in conjunction with a local contractors crew, the 1,000 ton building was lifted and moved to its new location in 9 weeks.


33'x44' Historic Brick Armory

228 Years Old

4' Thick Brick Walls

Weighed Over 1,000 Ton

Moved 400' To New Location