University House Relocation

New Haven, CT / August 2020

Historic Building Moving

New Haven, CT / August 2020


In August of 2020, Wolfe House Movers relocated this 2-story, 31’x63′ historic frame house for an Ivy League university in New Haven, CT. Yale alumni and former U.S. Senator James Hillhouse built the house in 1807, and the university purchased it in the early 1900s. Recent campus development required that the house be moved 500′ down a tree-lined street and backed around a 90° corner into the new location. Wolfe used eight Buckingham dollies and the Buckingham Smartsteer® System to drive the house down the street, maneuver the turn, and drive the house across steel beams to its precise placement over its new foundation.

Watch our project video:


Historic Frame House Built In 1807

Relocated 500' Down the Street

31'x63' With Two Chimneys And Fireplace