Finger Lakes Cabin Lift

Finger Lakes Cabin Lifted on wooden supports.

May 15, 2016

Mr. Buckingham,

I can’t say enough about the great job your employees did lifting, moving and then lowering my cottage onto the new foundation this past April.  Ben Brovont came out to take measurements and pictures for the proposal and patiently and professionally answered all of my questions.

When Solomon, Nate & John got to site and started setting up, I could tell that they knew exactly what needed to be done and they went right to work getting the cottage ready for the lift.  The contractor for my project and architect were also very impressed with the crew, the equipment used and how smoothly the lift & move went.  There was never any creaking or other sounds during the process and nothing was out of place when I got back in after the move.

The team that lowered the cottage onto the foundation, Ben, David & Tim also did a great job.  The cottage was lowered perfectly onto the foundation.

I’m thrilled with the new location of the cottage and how smoothly the lift went.  Please feel free to pass along my name & phone number to any perspective clients, and to use the pictures I’ve attached on our website.  You have a big fan up here in the Finger Lakes.


Paul Garrett