Foulke Residence, Worcester, PA – Stone, Brick, Block & Frame House Move

Foulke Residence, Worcester, PA - stone, brick, block & frame house raised on dolly.


Mark Buckingham, Project Manager


Dear Mark,

I just want to thank you for the great job you did in moving our 18th century home. Not only was the move done professionally and completed on time, but you had to deal with a house that had 4 additions made out of 4 different types of building materials (stone, brick, block, wood). I must admit that I didn’t know if it could be done without having major cracks in the walls, but you did it without any noticeable cracks anywhere. I was amazed at how we didn’t have to take anything off the walls or out of the china cabinet. Nothing was out of place when we went back into the house. We even forgot to take our crystal candlestick holders off the bay window, which is only an inch and a half wide, and they didn’t even move!

You and your fellow workers are some of the hardest working folks I know. It’s nice to see people with a good work ethic. I know our kids got used to having you around and will miss you. They enjoyed watching you, especially our son, TK, who liked to help out whenever you let him.

You may have anyone who is interested in moving their house call us any time at home or at my work, or even come by to see your HOMEWORK.


God Bless!


Bruce & Melissa Foulke

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Address  2047 Valley Forge Rd, Worcester, PA 19490