Impeciati/O’Stile Residence, Bangor, PA – Frame House Move

October 18, 2008

Wolfe House Movers,

I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did moving our home. From the beginning when we contacted your company, you were all so helpful and every time I had any questions about the move, you were very patient and took the time to explain whatever I asked.

When time came to move the home, your crew of men were the most pleasant and courteous. We followed the move, and that crew worked and watched that home on the way, as if it were their own, and that driver was fantastic. He had a crew that all worked together, it was well organized.

When they reached the site, the home was in perfect condition. They positioned the house and elevated it to the height we wanted, with all the patience and expertise, using the most modern and up to date equipment. They did a great job, and they are a wonderful crew, each and every one of them.

When they returned to lower the house on the foundation, they lowered it with the utmost care, and up to the minute equipment. When they finished, it looked like the house was built on the spot.

The crew you have are just great, they know their job, and they know how to do it well, plus they are coupled with patience and courtesy, they make a great team. They are a pleasant crew, each and everyone of them and they did a wonderful job.

We were very pleased with the move and Wolfe House Movers. We would recommend Wolfe House Movers to anyone anticipating a move.

We want to thank all of you for all the help, understanding, generosity, and thoughtfulness that you rendered to us with everything. Thanks again.

Well-satisfied customers James Impeciati and Sandra O’Stile