Konrad Residence, Allentown, PA – Stone House Move

Dear Mark,

At long last, after completely gutting and rehabilitating the 200 year-old stone farmhouse that you moved for us in May of 1998, we finally moved in last September.

This letter may be a bit long in coming, but it still conveys our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

It is no small feat to move a 391-ton structure, and it certainly created a lot of interest in the Wescosville-Trexlertown area. I guess along with the steel beams and trolleys, we must have had one million pounds underway. You did a great job!!

Throughout the whole process, you calmly proceeded about your business and simply did what needed to be done. While I was negotiating with Buckeye Pipeline about the best way to cross their pipeline, you built a temporary bridge and waited patiently for them to say OK. Similarly at Cetronia Road, you created a structure that spanned Air Product and Chemical’s running track on one side and a deep ditch on the other. There you were, moving our house across temporary bridges, while we were still amazed at being able to move it across a flat cornfield.

It’s been almost two years since then, but we still have many wonderful memories. Thanks for allowing me under the house while you jacked it up. Linda and I will also always remember the house being put “on the crib” at the location where it sits today. We often tell the story of the tennis ball that we found still sitting on a closet shelf after the move. We started off believing it couldn’t be done, and now here we are living in it.

Please feel free to copy this letter for anyone who may be considering moving a house. Also feel free to give them our phone number. We will be glad to talk about our experience and you can be sure that we will give you our highest recommendation not only on the basis of technical skill, but also the highest marks for honesty, work ethic and co-operation.


Karl & Linda Konrad
374 Daniel St
Allentown, PA 18104
(610) 336-4477