United Architects, Bryn Mawr, PA – Brick House Move

Two story brick house raised on dolly.

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RE: Building Moving Project
320 Caversham Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA

Project Manager: Mark Buckingham

This is to very favorably mention the special skill employed by Mr. Mark Buckingham in the reference house-moving project.

The subject building was of 1959 construction that was and remains 55’ long by 34’ wide. The structure weighed some 225 tons (450,000#), roughly half a million pounds, the two story, brick veneer structure had to be moved some 165’ from its original lot to another contiguous property and raised some 20’ higher than it had been.

This project was what we consider a major undertaking of preservation and construction. The know-how and bravery exhibited by Mr. Buckingham and his work crew was of the highest order and was accomplished in the best tradition of ingenuity, applied experience and care for details of safety. With no waste of motion or time, Mr. Buckingham’s control of the site, the building, major machinery and his cooperation with other contactors was nothing short of our expectations and we think even exceeded them.

It is our opinion that the choice for this “moving experience” couldn’t have been a better one. Physical exertion is a thing to be admired but when careful thought is equally applied the result may reflect the combination in a job, indeed, well done. We therefore highly recommend Mr. Buckingham for any such work.
Should anyone wish to call and verify this recommendation please do not hesitate to contact Hugh McCauley per letterhead.


PA House Movers & Building Movers successfully completed the above building moving project in Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2273.