Rigging, Hauling, and Specialty Rigging

Safety is our #1 priority for rigging and heavy transport projects. We use radio remote control technology to allow our machinery operators an unparalleled view of all operations, resulting in a safer working environment.

The hydraulically-powered Buckingham dollies are designed to maneuver easily over rough terrain, making them the equipment of choice for heavy machinery relocation on a jobsite.

Our machinery-moving methods are especially well suited to sites where vertical clearance is an issue. All of our hydraulic moving dollies incorporate a 16″ hydraulic lifting cylinder, which allows the load to be transported with a minimum of vertical clearance.

Rigging and Moving a Barge in San Diego, CAThis 36×185′ barge in San Diego, CA, weighed 650 tons. We supported it and moved half of it sideways while an extension was added to the middle.

  • Machinery Moving. Power generation equipment, transformers, oversized equipment, foundry equipment—our talented team members are highly experienced in placing millions of pounds on rubber tires for a safe relocation experience. Turn to Wolfe House & Building Movers to safely move your heavy equipment without breaking your budget.
  • Barge Moving and Boat Moving. The Wolfe rigging team will arrange for a safe relocation of your boat or barge. Our crew has the expertise and experience necessary to transport boats and barges on-site or across the country, depending on the situation. Common scenarios include moving a tug or barge out of a dry dock for extensive restoration, or moving a historic boat off of the river for a second life on land.
  • Bridge Jacking and Shoring. Contact Wolfe House & Building Movers to get a competitive quote on bridge shoring and bridge jacking. Our Buckingham Unified Jacking System controls each jack individually or in unison from a single control panel. Bridges can be temporarally supported for repair work, or lifted back to level while failing foundations are repaired or replaced.
  • Steel and Concrete Storage Tank Moving. Concrete and steel storage tanks are not permanent structures. Rather than incurring the expense of demolition and new construction, contact us for a free quote on storage tank moving.

Rigging and moving a reefer rack in New JerseyWe rigged and moved this reefer rack at the Port of Newark by cross-bracing the 27-foot tall, 200-ton rack with chains and loading it onto 9 Buckingham Dollies. Once off of the ground, the Buckingham Power Dolly System with SmartSteer® carried the rack smoothly around a corner and down to its new location.

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