Excavation can be done when a foundation needs to be removed and the basement requires more depth.

Foundation and Basement Excavation Services

When a house or building is moved, lifted, or shored up, the ground underneath the structure must be excavated to allow the masons to build a new foundation. With our under excavation service, we can leave a clean excavated foundation hole for your contractor to begin their work.

forty-fort churchWe excavated the foundation of the 200-year-old Forty-Fort Meeting House, supported it while a new foundation was installed.
lift excavation project atlanta, GAWe lifted this Atlanta, GA home 11′ and excavated underneath so they could add a full basement.

Excavating for House Lifting & Moving Projects

Most of our house lifting and moving projects involve excavating underneath the structure. For house moving projects, we often need to excavate under the existing foundation to add the supports, jacks, and dollies to prepare for the move. And at the home’s final location, we can keep the home supported while the foundation is installed.

When we lift a house, we may need to do some excavation to allow the masons to add to the foundation or build a new foundation for the home. This is often the case for homes with outdated or failing foundations, or when the foundation has been damaged by storms or flooding.

House Lifting & Moving Services

Please note that under-home excavation is offered only in conjunction with one of our other services.

Moving a historic structure

Structure Moving

Relying on our advanced Buckingham Power Dolly System, we can move your building on the same property or across town.

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Beams support and shore a structure

Supporting & Shoring

Supporting a house at its existing elevation can be the smart option in some situations, like adding a full basement.

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Lifting an oceanside house

House Lifting

We can lift a house a few inches or a few feet to protect your home from flood damage and give you the space you need.

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Supporting & Excavating Under Your Building

We bring our decades of experience lifting and moving homes and buildings to each project. Our advanced lifting technology — including the Unified Hydraulic Jacking System — and secure cribbing will keep your structure supported while the excavation and foundation work is being done. Once complete, we’ll return to lower the building onto the new foundation.

Our excavation service does not include dirt or foundation debris removal. If dump trucks or dumpsters are available on site, we can place the dirt and/or foundation debris into them. In all other cases, the dirt and foundation debris will be piled up and left on site.

House Lifting & Excavation Projects

Our project gallery features images and details about the house lifting and excavation projects we’ve completed.

You can filter by service type and then select Under Excavation to see those projects.

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