Historic D.C. Synagogue on the Move (UPDATED)

Side view of Jewish historic synagogue moving on turning dolly.

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Wolfe House Movers is preparing to move a 140-year-old historic brick building next week on 3rd Street in the NW section of Washington, DC. The Jewish Historical Society Building is to be moved 50 feet sideways and set at a storage location for close to two years while the new site is prepared. The building will then be moved 1,000 feet up the street to its final location.

Local news coverage for the project:

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Update on This Moving Project

In January of 2019, Wolfe moved the building 1,000′ up the street and in over a sub-level parking garage. A crowd gathered for the ceremony that included the mayor and several senators to memorialize the move. The Buckingham Power Dolly System with SmartSteer allowed the building to be driven down the street and turned into the new site with minimal work due to the remote-controlled computerized steering of the Dolly System.

You can see photos and videos of the move in the local news below.