Jewish Historic Synagogue Relocation

Washington, DC / January 2019

House & Building Moving

Washington, DC / January 2019

Wolfe House Movers loaded this triple brick Jewish Synagogue on 11 self-propelled Buckingham Dollies and moved it 50′ to a storage location. There, the dollies were removed and the building was set on steel and cribbing for an intended period of 2 years. When the new foundation is prepared, the Dollies will be reinstalled and the building will be moved the final distance and set over part of an underground parking garage.

The synagogue has been moved the final 1,000′ to the new location over a sub-grade parking garage.

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25'x59' Triple-Brick Building

368 ton

Moved 50' to Storage Location

Moved 1,000' to Final Location over a Parking Garage