USS Sequoia Relocated

USS Sequoia

Wolfe House & Building Movers recently moved a piece of U.S. Presidential history by relocating the USS Sequoia. The 94-year-old vessel was a getaway for all the U.S. Presidents from the Herbert Hoover Administration through Jimmy Carter’s. The 104′ Presidential Yacht was transported by Wolfe House Movers onto an inland barge, where it traveled up the coast to Cambridge, MD. This would be only a pitstop, as the final destination for the Sequoia is Belfast, ME. Restoration of the USS Sequoia will take place in Belfast, before returning to the Washington DC area. The yacht was sitting on shore at Chesapeake Boat Works in Deltaville, VA for years due to legal battles over ownership of the Sequoia. Check out more details and photos of the USS Sequoia being moved HERE on our projects page.

Watch a Video of the Presidential Yacht Move