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Alexander Hamilton National Memorial

New York, NY / April 2008

Historic Building Moving

New York, NY / April 2008

New York, House Movers: Alexander Hamilton National Memorial [Hamilton Grange] New York moved successfully by Wolfe House and Building Movers. Wolfe House & Building Movers worked on Alexander Hamilton’s “Sweet Country Project,” in New York. This was the home he had built for himself in 1802. This project provided its own unique set of challenges, as the house was nestled between St. Luke’s Church and an apartment building. A stone portico on the church jutted out in front of the Grange, requiring Wolfe House & Building Movers to lift the house 35 feet and roll it out over the portico onto the street. Seven thousand pieces of cribbing and nearly two miles of chain were used to provide a stable support for the house to roll it to the street. Once the house movers placed the Grange on the street, it was moved around the corner, down a 6% grade and then into St. Nicholas Park where it will be restored to its former beauty.


Alexander Hamilton's "Country Mansion"

Built in 1802

Required 35 foot lift and slide to get out of its lot

Moved down a 6% grade