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The Belleview Biltmore Hotel Relocation

Belleair, FL / December 2016

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Belleair, FL / December 2016

Wolfe House Movers was contracted to move the 119 year old Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Belleair, FL just to the west of Tampa. The 64′ x 156′, 5 story, timber frame hotel including 8 multi-story fireplaces, was rotated approximately 50 degrees counter-clockwise and then moved back 350′ on the property. The building weighed in at 1,750 ton, making it one of the heaviest frame buildings ever moved. The building was set on 45 Buckingham Dollies and moved via remote control with two Buckingham Power Units. Once at the new location, the dollies were removed and the building was supported in place while the new foundation was installed.


64' x 156', 5-story, Timber Frame Hotel

Weighed 1,750 Ton

Rotated 50 Degrees and Moved 350'