Fort Belvoir Masonry Sign Relocated

Fairfax County, VA / March 2017

Fairfax County, VA / March 2017

In 2017, Wolfe House Movers relocated a 16′ long x 11′ tall sign at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, VA. The sign was constructed of a 1′-thick masonry core surrounded by red brick cladding, bringing its overall width to 16″. Additionally, there was a 36″ wide footer which Wolfe moved with the sign. Wolfe excavated around the footer, built crib piles, installed steel beams around the perimeter, and fished chains under the footer and back up to the beams on the other side. Once the beams and chains were in place, they installed three Buckingham Dollies and a BU-173 Power Unit to lift the sign about a foot, drive it 20′, and set it back down onto a sand bed at its new permanent location.


Masonry and Brick Sign

16' Long x 11' Tall

Moved With Its Footer