Goucher College Dorm Building Relocations

Goucher College Dorm, a cinder block and rough stone building.

Wolfe House & Building Movers has been contracted to move three 37’x102′ three-story block & stone dorm buildings to a different part of the campus for Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. The project is unique in the time frame required as we were not able to start until the students had moved out for the summer. Moreover, this project is on a tight deadline, since the buildings have to be relocated and reconnected for the students to move back in before school begins in the fall of 2017. The buildings are estimated to each weigh 1,300 tons and will be moved with¬†36 dollies on the Buckingham Power Dolly System with SmartSteer.

The college’s newspaper recently wrote an article about the school’s greater campus construction plan. You can also read the Baltimore Business Journal’s article on how the college is recycling and re-purposing the dorms. Check back soon for more updates and photos of the project later this summer.