Presidential Yacht Sequoia Relocated from Maine to Maryland

Buckingham dollies drive the shrinkwrapped USS Sequoia onto a barge for transport from Maine to Maryland.

The former presidential yacht USS Sequoia was on the move again this week in a barge trip from Maine to Maryland. Wolfe House Movers used Buckingham dollies to move the 104′ yacht from her storage location to a barge in Belfast, Maine, then met the barge in Maryland to drive her to a nearby maritime facility where she will undergo restoration. The yacht was launched in 1925, designated a presidential yacht in 1929, and used for over 40 years by several US presidents from the early 1930s to 70s before being decommissioned and sold in 1977. Restoration is predicted to take up to five years, with plans to eventually make the historic yacht available for cruises and charters.

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