Historic Beach Cottage Relocated for the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History in North Carolina — January 18 2018

Along the eastern shore of North Carolina, Wolfe House Movers relocated a small historic house for the Town of Wrightsville Beach. The house is a single story, unassuming structure known as the Ewing-Bordeaux Cottage. The house was built in 1925 and is one of 21 properties on the historical landmark list for the town. This historic house is being donated to the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History and will be used to expand the current facility.

The building was moved on the Buckingham Power Dolly System and took up most of the street for its 1 mile route including crossing the 900′ bridge over the Banks Channel. Within a couple hours of leaving its original site, the house was setting in place beside the Museum and being prepared for the new foundation.

Media coverage of the move: