Garno Residence, Haverford, PA – brick pillars move — April 27 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund F. Garno
144 Rose Lane
Haverford, PA 19041

June 20, 2003

Dear Mark & Verling Wolfe,
We are thrilled with the work you performed at our home. The experience was truly a performance! We still can’t believe that in one week you moved brick pillars and iron gates in one piece that date back to 1862.

In my mind I can vividly see them moving along steel girders as a unit. They moved sideways a total of 38 feet. It was something that our kids and the neighbors that watched will never forget. You and your crew were a pleasure to have here on our property. You were very efficient and hard workers.

The breakdown and cleanup of the area involved was as neat and orderly as it could be based on the amount of dirt that was moved and the rainy weather you had to contend with. I’d recommend Verling Wolfe, Building and House Movers for any job of this nature.

Our pillars and gates are listed with the Historic Society in our area. The gates were originally located in an area where they were not in use and looked rather awkward because they are so grand. The historic society tired to stop our project for fear that the pillars would crumble or the gates would incur damage.

Neither of the later happened, and the township, neighbors and members of historic society cheered when they saw the result. They also have been very complimentary of the move and the fact they will now be used at the entrance to our driveway. Thanks again. You were a terrific find.

The Gamos

The above letter was sent to Pennsylvania House Movers Wolfe House and Building Movers.